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Why I Want an Allocation of Snap

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My 14-year-old daughter just had a minor routine medical procedure. She’s fine, but the experience explains why I am trying to get an allocation of Snap Inc.’s stock at its initial public offering, and will buy shares after its IPO. For those of you out of high school...

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Is There a Series A Financing Crunch?

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Since 2007, the number of high potential technology companies receiving seed or angel rounds of financing has increased dramatically, while the fraction of those businesses obtaining follow on financing has declined. Some observers have claimed that this pattern shows evidence of a Series A financing crunch. I’m not so sure. Let’s...

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How to Invest When Returns Follow a Power Law

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In a very insightful post that I urge anyone interested in startup investing to read, Jerry Neumann explains the effect of power law distributions on venture investing. The power law distribution of returns in angel and venture capital investing has three important implications for investors: Make sure to diversify, pay...

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