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100% Measured Moves May Signal a Top

One type of Fibonacci price structure we use to attempt to measure price trends and identify potential tops/bottoms is the “100% Measured Move” structure. This is a price structure where a previous price move is almost perfectly replicated in a subsequent price trend after a brief period of ...

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ADL Gold Prediction Confirms Our Targets

The Gold rally we predicted to happen in late 2018 took place, almost perfectly, based on our ADL predictive modeling systems results. This rally took place in May through September 2019 and pushed Gold up to levels near $1600. The rest of the year, Gold consolidated near $1500 as a strong US ...

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2020 – A Close Look at What to Expect

Quite a bit has changed in the global markets and future expectations over the past 4+ weeks. Q4 2019 ended with a bang. U.S./China Trade Deal, U.S. signing the USMCA Continental Free Trade Agreement, BREXIT and now the Wuhan Virus. On top of all of that, we’ve learned ...

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How You Can Prepare for a Bear Market/Economic Reset

Virus cases are starting to show up in other countries with Brazil spiking this week and China warning the virus is mutating quickly and in a very bad way. We are expecting terrible retail sales for another quarter, they are currently worse than 1992, and manufacturing numbers will be horrible again ...

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