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‘It’s Just a Perpetual Slaughter’: Barbara Kruger on Why She’s Remaking Some of Her Old Critiques of Power for Her New Museum Survey

Barbara Kruger likely needs no introduction. Her work is taught in art history classes and is instantly recognizable to the uninitiated as well (think of the ubiquity of Kruger’s November 2016 New York Magazine cover with ”Loser” printed across Donald Trump’s sneering face.) She’s also very publicly tangled with the ...

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Yves Bouvier Declares ‘Complete Victory’ After a Prosecutor Dismissed Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev’s Charges Against Him

Swiss businessman Yves Bouvier has claimed “complete victory” in the seemingly never-ending legal saga between him and Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev after a Geneva prosecutor dismissed the final remaining criminal complaints against Bouvier. The lead Swiss prosecutor, Yves Bertossa, confirmed that Bouvier committed no fraud, mismanagement, breach of trust, ...

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‘Technology Is an Extension of Our Bodies’: Why David Cronenberg Made Video Art About His Own Death as His First NFT

Contemporary society’s overly intimate and probably irreversibly dysfunctional relationship with technology feels, in many ways, like a David Cronenberg film. Think of the violence-obsessed protagonist Max of Videodrome penetrating his fleshy TV screen, or the game designers in Existenz’s corporeal foray into virtual reality. The Canadian filmmaker’s ...

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