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Closing 2 Trades (TRIP, YELP, PCLN, TZOO)

This morning, I will be closing 2 trades that are currently beyond their stop. One winning and one losing trade: Jan 4th: Long Tripadvisor (TRIP) vs Short Yelp (YELP):  This trade currently stands at -32.79% on the back of an incredible jump by YELP following its latest earnings and specifically its ...

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The Bespoke Report — Call It A Comeback

2019 continues to track the complete opposite of what we saw in Q4 2018, with the hardest hit areas during Q4 bouncing the most off of their lows this year.  Smallcaps are leading the way with gains of nearly 10% on the year, while Energy (XLE) leads all sectors at +11.32%...

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Mexican airline trolls Americans with brilliant ad

While the debate over immigration and a border wall between the United States and Mexico has helped grind the U.S. federal government to a halt, Mexico's national airline, AeroMexico, is trolling Americans with a new ad called "DNA Discounts." The ad features purported residents of Wharton, ...

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