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Final Thursday Thoughts of 2017

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Another day, another low-volume rally. Low-volume rallies have been the hallmark of 2017 and we used to complain about them but they are now the "new normal" as the market climbs ever-higher on less than half the volume we had last year. ; This morning, the Dow Futures...

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Investing Blog Roundup: GOP Tax Legislation

It’s likely (though not entirely certain) that we’ll see the Senate pass its version of the GOP tax bill today. We still have to wait and see what the finalized version will look like though. On an unrelated note, several people made suggestions regarding the solo 401(k) contribution ...

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529 Plans Will Allow Private School K-12 Tax-Free Withdrawals

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Starting in 2018, qualified educational expenses for 529 plans will include up to $10,000 a year in tuition and expenses for primary and secondary school expenses (public, private, or religious). Previously, you could only use it towards qualified college expenses. There were also some related changes to ABLE accounts for individuals with ...

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