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Happy Columbus Day!

In fourteen hundred and ninety two, ; Columbus sailed the ocean blue ;– and got totally lost, missed India by 6,000 miles but called the Native American Islanders Indians anyway, slaughtered them and stole their gold and, lacking any real wealth to go back to Spain with, instituted a slave trade that...

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Adding Roku (ROKU) To The Stocks I Follow

Good morning, today I will be adding one more stock the list of stocks that I follow. As a reference, this is the list of stocks that I follow news about, read earnings call transcripts of and eventually start trading for my long & short stock picks. In this case, ...

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Fabulous Friday Finish

And the markets are back! Well, back to where we were in the middle of July but hey, it does feel like we had a rally, doesn't it? ; As noted yesterday, 4,400 on the S&P 500 is only the Strong Bounce Line as we have fallen from 4,550 so there's...

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