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Just do it… yourself: At-home colorectal cancer screening

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. Yet despite the ability of CRC screening to detect colon cancer early, and to find and remove potentially precancerous growths called polyps, screening rates remain low, below 60%. Experts generally agree that people should be screened for CRC at ...

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Latest Dispatches from the Soda Tax Wars

(CC BY-SA 2.0) by pixydust8605/Flickr The World Gone Mad: California Bans Such Taxes, Trump Imposes them A new city ordinance just took effect in Baltimore that prohibits restaurants from including sugary drinks such as sodas on children’s menus. From now on, the listed drink options on kids’ menus ...

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Dr. J Discusses Fat Shaming

Shame on Me I was fat shamed by my karate teacher. It took place at a class when he clearly said to me, “J! You are getting FAT!” This man was like a father to me. He even lectured me one time on karate etiquette. Did it hurt? ...

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Scientists Create Neurons From Blood Samples

A team of stem cell researchers, led by Mick Bhatia, director of the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute, have discovered that they can convert adult human blood cells into adult sensory neurons. In other words, they developed a way to take blood samples and turn them into central ...

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