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Mysterious Mandala Art

Mandala – what does this strange and incomprehensible word mean? What lies behind it? Mandala is a model of the Universe consisting of complex geometric structures. This symbol came to the Western art from eastern religions: Buddhism and Hinduism. When we create mandala art, we release our internal energy. It ...

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The Amazing World of NYC Street Art

New York is truly regarded as the center of contemporary art in the United States. There are hundreds of galleries and museums featuring works by both world-famous artists and young contemporary creative amateurs. One of the movements in contemporary art is street art, and NYC street art is a ...

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American Art: Top 7 Fine Art Museums in the US

Every country has its rich history full of important events, critical points, and periods of rise and decline. The same can be said about the centuries-old formation of American art. The art world of the United States is considered to be relatively young. It has developed along with the ...

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